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About us

The Centre for Curative Gerontology was founded in 1996 and is now an institution of the Department of Curative Education and Rehabilitation. The aim of its work is to bring together the views of gerontology, curative education, psychology and health science on ageing and life in old age in research and teaching.

The focus of the research is on learning and adaptation skills with the help of which people of advanced age can shape their everyday lives. Research at the Centre for Curative Gerontology is intended to stimulate the transfer of science and practice. It is to be worked out how learning and adaptation skills of older people can be supported - also in view of psychological changes, family challenges, disabilities as well as chronic and degenerative diseases.

In teaching, the Centre for Curative Gerontology provides students with skills for planning, carrying out and evaluating gerontological research projects. Students in the Master's programme in Rehabilitation Sciences carry out their research internships at the Centre and are supported in carrying out their Master's thesis. Students in the Bachelor's programmes in Educational Science and Pedagogy can gain their first research experience in accompanied teaching projects.

The director of the centre is Prof. Dr. Susanne Zank. Dr. Andrés Oliva y Hausmann runs the business.